Our Family

Maxkin, as an innovative developer and professional manufacture of electronic security alarm systems is committed to bring you peace of mind for both person, home and commercial applications. Maxkin offers video & intrusion systems and solutions ranging from control panels, cameras, motion detectors, smoke detector, siren, IR Beams, IP camera, smart plugs in technology of Wifi, 3G,GSM,PSTN, RF315/433/868MHz or FHSS hopping frequency...
  • Kevin Zhou

    Kevin Zhou

    Managing Director

    Kevin is a Founder of maxkin. He loves security industry and are delicated to enhancing security for the global users.
  • Daniel Yu

    Daniel Yu

    General Manager

    Daniel is Maxkin business partner and project director. He is responsible for products marketing orientation and developing direction. Maxkin security products have won several awards in Malaysia and Daniel is even rated as Malaysian outstanding entrepreneur. He is also responsible for the promotion of Maxkin products in Malaysia.
  • May Zhu

    May Zhu

    Sales Manager

    May is the Sales Manager of maxkin who lead the internal sales team to expand market and distribution all over the world. To deliver more reliable and safer security products to people and offfer better service for more partner is always her goal. The sales covers more than 30 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Asia- Pacific region.
  • Ai‘Hua Yin

    Ai‘Hua Yin

    Software Engineer

    Mr.Yin shapes the maxkin product by leading the charge on all aspects of Smart Security’s software infrastructure. He brings nearly a decade of experience to Security, having worked with Listed company and Acer as a product manager specializing in multimedia content platforms and content management solutions.
  • Linghui Chen

    Linghui Chen

    Hardware Engineer

    Mr. Chen leads maxkin’s engineering efforts in integrating all of Smart Security’s components and physical power into one elegant solution. Mr. Chen is a former hardware engineer from Listed company, with extensive experience in both hardware development, and deploying software and hardware integrations.
  • Yongjun Chen

    Yongjun Chen

    Industrial Designer

    Mr. Chen who has more than 10 years experience in structure industry strives to make Maxkin each products in perfect design. Be committed to DIY design , and to achieve more satisfactory from user experience, product appearance and installation.
  • Owen Lui

    Owen Lui

    Chief Designer

    More than 10 years of design experience in large foreign enterprises. Love life and feel it positively.Design oriented by public needs and humanity. Good at product packaging design, publicity material design.

Company Vision

Our goal: To help you create a smarter home with intelligently designed products that simplify your life.

As a leading smart home technology provider, Maxkin offers home security, energy management, home automation, local cloud storage, and high-speed Internet solutions to more than one million customers throughout the world. The goal is provide you a smart home solution that saves you time and money and ultimately simplifies your life.

Product Awards

Supply Chain

Quality supply chain is the cornerstone of quality assurance.

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