• Vibration Detector

    Occupy no space, use any time

    360 ° no dead-angle installation, window/door/glass can be used directly. Low power consumption, good stability. Adjustable sensibility, offers you an easy & comfortable life.
  • PIR Motion Detector

    Compact and easy to install, good for hiding

    The United States Perkinecmer LHI968 high-end dual element detectors. Special RFI protection, high performance, low noise, 90° wide-angle & up to 8 meters monitoring range, absolutely the best choice for you.
  • Door/Window Sensor

    Easy to install & remove

    High sensibility, low false alarm , alarm triggered once departed for 2 CM, auto-connect to the control panel.
  • Flood Sensor

    DIY design, elegant appearance

    High sensibility & stability, auto-connect to the control panel, whether in rainy day. If you forgot to turn off the tab, alarm will be triggered. You can check the site anytime by mobile App and take action.

Low battery remind

User-friendly design When the sensor is in low battery,

the red LED indicator will flash and beep .

Safer home experience

You will always forget whether closed / closing a window, and run back and forth repeatedly?

With intelligent detectors, no noise and noise pollution design, so you can rest secure in,

It can be placed on the windows, door frame, wall, floor etc to protect you from accident and makes you feel safer.

  • Door/Window Sensor

  • Vibrator Detector

  • PIR Sensor

  • Flood Sensor