Smart-Wireless Signal Repeater
Plug and Play device, easy to use.

Boost your RF coverage,
more attentive

Plug the repeater directly into an electrical outlet at a proper position, and the repeater can amplify the signal, boost the coverage between your Alarm System and alarm accessories, perfect for large houses with multiple rooms and floors.

Synchronous alarm,
more peaceful

When alarm occurs, the repeater will sound at the same time with the control panel. You will never worry about missing the alarm.
  • Disarm

  • Arm Away

  • Alarm

Synchronous status
indicator, less worried.

When system is armed or disarmed, the repeater LED indicator will flashes in different colors from the front to show the status. Full cover led light, soft & even light, you can feel more comfortable.

A single touch,
more useful

One single touch for programming LED indicator/enrollment/sound. How Cool It Is!

Connect to the door bell,
more practical

The siren can be used as a loudspeaker after connected to the door bell. When a guest rings the bell, The siren makes a Ding-Dong to remind the host the arrival of your guest.

Replaceable plug,
more flexible application

Based on cusotmers’ needs, we designed the plug to be replaceable matched with Euro plug, US plug, UK plug, and AU plug. It's also very easy to change a plug, you just need to rotate the plug base to 60 degree.