Portable Standalone Alarm System
Small and Ergonomic – Savings Life – Powerful Protection

Human Touch
Voice Prompt

A warm and reassuring feel to automated voice prompt & touch keypad
  • Totally Wireless,
    DIY Installation

  • Human Touch
    Voice Prompt

  • The Strong Wireless
    Range up to 100m

  • Quick Arming,

  • 12 Hours Battery

  • Add up to
    40pcs Sensors

  • 90dB Siren to Alert
    You, Your Neighbors
    and Deter Intruders

  • One Click to Send Emergency
    Panic SOS Messages

  • FHSS Frequency- Hopping
    Spread Spectrum

Control panel &
Wireless Siren

It is not only a strobe siren but a control panel, and easy to operate. One unit with multiple functions, which is the best choice for you.

Expandable Wireless

Press one button to enroll, up to 40pcs wireless accessories & 10 pcs remote controls can be expanded. Protect every corner of your house with-more powerful features.

LED Backlight Design

Gentle LED light effect, the different color of LED light up when alarm occurs or system is armed/disarmed. A soft no-dazzling light gives you a more comfortable environment.
  • Emergency call

  • Stay Home

  • Disarm

Comfortable Sound

The alarm sound is adjustable depending on the environment or turn on/off the mute mode. Protect your home with a 90 decibel sien, which gives the baby a secure and comfortable sleeping environment.

One Button SOS

Striking SOS design keeps the elderly live in a more secure environment. Just press the SOS button by sending SMS or phonecall to bind smartphones, then you can easily know their condition.

Power Off Protection

Built-in 900mA rechargeable battery can protect your house for 12 hours after a power outage,

you will never be worried about the power failure.

There are indications with beeps 5 times sound and LED light up for 60 sec.